Where are you at right now, there, where you are? Are you sitting on your own in lockdown 2020 during this pandemic? Are you blessed enough to be sharing space with family or close friends, during this pandemic?

I feel very blessed, through this pandemic I have been super busy growing, and contributing to the solutions. You see I am in health, yours and mine. It is a passion for me, so it is not “WORK”, it is lifestyle.

Approximately 15 years ago I chose to change my life and my vocation. However this choice was a result of me, choosing at age 28 to Let go and Learn to Love. Get this…I had to learn to like, and then love ME first.

That was tough. Here is the brief overview!

I am Lynda and I live in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa. I am Creator, Owner of Evolved Mind & Body Worx. We proudly have the following brands that thrive within our loving a vibrant company: Life Coach Lynda, LifeByLynda, Wishes2Life, Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Ready2Go Plant Based Meals. We love what we do and Do what we love, so this is not “work to us” it is Love and Lifestyle.

I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1962. It was a sincere privilege to grow up there.

We were blessed with freedom to be children, play outdoors, walk, run, ride, swim in the streams. Very unlike what is the reality today. We had a good family, Mum and Dad doing their best, siblings squabbling over position, sometimes some meanness and bullying, family break up, divorce, betrayal etc. I came out slightly scarred, as most of us do! (However strong and determined. The internal healing and personal development work I have done over the pasty 30 years does not allow for me to write it any other way. As it is healed, forgiven and I have moved on into a vibrant life where I am responsible for ALL my outcomes)

Be that as it may, I find myself extremely grateful for EVERYTHING as well as who I have become.

It has been a long and hard journey, one still that has many exciting years ahead. As a teenager I wrote books and books of poetry, which sadly is LOST NOW, as in physically lost, it all went missing during my moves between age 16-27 years old. (I do have loads of new stuff that I will share and have shared on www.lifebylynda.com)

I moved from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg South Africa in March of 1982. A new Mum, Ryan only 10 months old at the time. He is now 39…and what a blessing in my life.

It was during those first 5-6 years of being is South Africa, that I had many opportunities to change the direction of my life, however the big change really came at 28 years old. Married for the 2nd time, 3 children, and unhappy. Wondering now what? I remember like it was yesterday, laying on the lawn in our lovely family home, soaking up the sun, they children playing, I was reading a book titled “Love Is Letting Go Of Fear”. It was here that I started investigating WHY, and I started learning HOW to change my reality – with the NEW knowledge that “it was up to me” and the key to the change was my relationship with myself.

This journey I must share was extremely difficult to take, and it is taken with yourself, on your own, with, if desired, support from a professional objective sacred pace that is held for you by someone qualified to do so. 

I did deep and scary internal personal work within self-development workshops and course. Wow they were tough but pushed me into seeing my true self as I was at the time. I did not like what I saw. I committed to the journey  “No Matter What It Took” and have walked, run, fallen, got up, started again and again for the past 30 years, and it is this experience along with my studying, yet more so my passion for Life, and that DEEP IMMOVEABLE BELIEF THAT EVERYONE is worthy of this relationship with self, which WILL unlock your life on an astounding level. I enthusiastically with vibrant tenacity embrace all possible opportunities to guide, accompany, share, encourage and inspire those called to KNOW THY SELF, AND LOVE AND RESPECT THYSELF, Blossom into a unique and beautiful relationship with themselves.

You see, your relationship with YOU, is at the seat of everything you attract and create in your life.

You are worthy of the Peace, Joy, Abundance, Love, Compassion, Respect, Acknowledgement, Success that I know you long for. We all do, that is what we are all searching for…ultimately ourselves, and our connection with source, creator, God, Spirit, call it what you like.

So! this is what I bring to you here within this online course…A journey into a deep substantial and trustworthy relationship with YOURSELF.

Let us begin… 😊

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